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Engraved Cabinet Door

You can get embossed MDF custom cabinet doors from manufactures who have a CNC routing system. One of the videos below is from 7Q Industries. They are manufactures of high-end doors, wood engravings and decorative panel designs. Customers can submit their custom drawings to the company and have them transformed into beautiful 3D impressions. This is a great way to get personalized kitchen cabinet doors created.

MDF Engraving

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What Does MDF Stand For?

The abbreviation stands for medium density fiber board (MDF). In the past ten years there has been a gigantic emergence of products made out of this material. One of the most popular CNC production products made out of medium density fiber board are kitchen cupboard doors. Large manufactures specialize in mass production of this raised panel products. The material can be painted or wrapped with vinyl, otherwise know as Thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors. The MDF board is similar to particleboard, but can withstand higher amounts of pressure before breaking.

CNC Router In Operation

eHow Paraphrased Definition:

“Medium density fiberboard or MDF wood is comprised of a combination of softwood and hardwood of-fall combined with an adhesive and wax to create sheets of wood that have 37 to 49 pound/cubic feet density. MDF is denser than plywood and more flexible, but can break if saturated with water.”

Cabinet Door Wood Engraving MachineAny custom embossed MDF projects that have small intricate details need to be painted. Many finely etched designs cannot be vinyl coated using a vacuum press machine. The cuts are just too small for the plastic to conform to.

There are literally thousands of uses for CNC routers other than the fabrication of custom engraved cabinet doors. The machines are also not limited to being used with fiberboard. Any hardwoods such as oak, maple, cherry, poplar, pine or walnut can have embossed designs carved into them.

Sign companies us these machines all the time for custom 3D carvings on plastic, metals and wood.

Q 7 Industries Custom Cabinet Doors Online

So, if you are looking to have a wood or MDF cabinet door custom engraved with your own special design, find a manufacture in your area who has a CNC router set up. If you live in or near a big city, the chances are good that a kitchen cabinet manufacture will have the proper equipment to handle making the embossed wood kitchen cabinet doors for you.

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