How To Change Kitchen Cabinet Doors

This article will give you all the information you need in order for you to learn how to change out your old kitchen cabinet doors for new kitchen cabinet doors. I will present these techniques in an easy to follow along with manner. Be sure to take time to follow the highlighted link text in this article because you will be directed to quality information that will help you with this process.

Your first course of action is going to be selecting a door style. You can do this by simply searching online. Doormark doors has an excellent selection of Thermofoil cabinet doors. Once you have found the company you want to order your new cupboard doors from, it’s time to measure for the new style doors.

Here’s a great video that gives tips on how to measure for cabinet doors. When you are changing doors, it’s easiest if you use a hinge that has the same overlay as your existing hinges. This way you can use the same door dimensions as the size of your existing doors.

If you have decided to use a different hinge, you must refer to the video on how to measure for cabinet doors.

Once the new doors arrive, you may need to have them drilled to accept a European style cabinet hinge. I think the easiest way to do this is by marking the hinge locations on the new doors. Then, take them to a local cabinet shop and get them drilled for the European style hinges. It will be a good idea to take an old door with you if you are using the same hinges again.

You are going to need to study how to adjust cabinet door hinges. There are many video tutorials on this subject to correspond with the type of hinge your cupboard doors have on them.

You will also need to refer to this article giving information on how to install drawer faces. While you are in the learning process, take a moment to check out this information on adjusting  drawer faces.

Once your doors and drawer fronts are installed and adjusted, you will need to add your handles or knobs.  It is advisable for you to read this one: Drill For Cabinet Door Hardware.

The most important thing I can tell you relating to how to change kitchen cabinet doors is, take your time. Too much haste always ends in waste. Measure twice-cut once! I like to actually triple check everything that I am doing. One mistake when you are changing your cabinet doors could possibly cost hundreds of dollars.

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