Installing Glass Panels in Cabinet Doors

There are four methods of installing glass in kitchen cabinet doors. This article reveals how to install the panels using, retainer clips, silicon, rubber insert molding or glazier push pins. Any of these installation methods will work on mullion or square frame door designs.

Plastic Retainer Retainer Clips

Clips for Cabient Door Glass

There are several variations of this clip. It is the type that we have seen that is designed to hold mirrors in place on doors and bathroom walls. They are made out of a clear plastic material. You will need to match the offset size to the distance that remains after the glass is put into the cabinet doors. You will find that they come in flush mount, one eight inch offsets and also one quarter inch off set sizes. A few small dabs of silicon between the door and the glass will help keep the rattle sound from occurring when you close the doors.

Brass or Bronze Retainer Clips with Rubber Tips

Adjustable Retainer for Cabient Glass Doors

If you are looking for more of a decorative clip for installing glass panels in your kitchen cabinet doors these look great. They actually look more stylish than the traditional plastic clips. Some designs have thumb-screws that adjust to the thickness of the cabinet glass inserts.

Installing Glaziers Pins

Glass Cabinet Door Push Pins

Glazier Push Pin

These small metal push in retaining pins for glass inserts are going to be difficult to install on your kitchen cabinet doors. It is recommended to use a putty knife on the pin. You may need to use a hammer to pound them into the glass cabinet door frame. If you have a piece of thick cardboard, you may want to place it on the glass as an extra precautionary measure.

Installing Glass Panels With Silicon
Put a very fine bead of silicon inside of the cabinet door groove very close to the ninety degree corner. This will ensure that you do not have the liquid seep out onto the front or face of the glass kitchen cabinet door frames.

You may want to use masking tape on the door to protect it from getting any additional silicon on it. When you are installing glass in cabinet doors using silicon, I always recommend that a couple of the glaziers push pins be installed as well. The silicon will keep the door glass from making a rattling sound when you close them.

Rubber Retainer for Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass Cabinet Door Rubber Retainer

Your cabinet doors will have to have a groove in them for this type of securing method. Some manufactures provide a rubber cord type insert that fits into the groove. This is a special application. The special rubber retainer pushes into the groove and wedges the glass into position. You can use your fingers to force the glass retainer into position.

Some cabinet manufactures cut forty five degree angles on the rubber molding in the corners and others just wrap the inside corners with the strip. Either method of installing the cabinet door glass will work just fine. I personally like the molding to be in one continuous piece.

Custom Made Glass Insert Retainer Molding
This video for installing glass in kitchen cabinet doors is basically used when making your own custom cutouts in existing doors. However, you may still be able to use the information to cut and install your own custom made molding on newly fabricated glass doors.

No matter which method you are using for installing glass I your kitchen cabinet door frames, always allow plenty of time to complete the project. Make sure that you do not just install the glass with silicon, but include the glaziers push pins. It is possible that a local cabinet company may be able to insert a groove in your frame and also supply you with some rubber molding.

All of these installation methods will work on stained glass, clear, frosted or just about any custom design you choose.

Glass is time-consuming and expensive to replace. So, do not rush through installing glass panels in your kitchen display cabinet doors.

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