Repairing Loose Kitchen Cupboard Door Glass

Fix Loose Glass in Mullion Cabinet Doors
There’s nothing more irritating than the rattling sound of a kitchen cabinet door that has loose glass. There are several different ways that panels are installed. I will be addressing a couple of different methods that can be used to repair loose glass.

Was your cupboard door glass panel installed with silicon only?

This usually ends up being a problem if the cabinet manufacture only used silicon to adhere the glass in the frame. Over the course of time, this adhesive doesn’t hold well. This can be a very dangerous problem. You need to get this repaired as soon as possible.

I recommend that you NOT try to remove the bead of clear caulking, but leave it in tact. The following two ways for repairing loose glass will work even when the adhesive is left on.

Easiest Way To Fix Loose Cabinet Door Glass

You are going to need to use plastic clips for holding wall mirror glass in place. They make these in several sizes. You can go here and read about installing glass in cabinet doors.  They are inexpensive and easy to install. You can repair a loose panel in a matter of minutes. They do make different sizes for varying thicknesses of glass.

Pros of Using These Clips

  • Install them in a few minutes
  • Very reasonable priced

Cons to Using The Plastic Holders

  • May have difficulty finding the exact thickness you need
  • They can be seen through the glass when viewing the cabinet door at an angle

Tip: Mark through the hole with a pencil and pre-drill a screw hole. This will make it safer, working around the glass panel, when screwing the clip into place.

Best Way For Repairing Loose Glass On Kitchen Cabinet Doors

This next method is a little harder and should be done by a glass installation professional. This way of repairing the loose glass looks the best and will hold the panel in place tighter than if you use the plastic retainers.

You need to hire someone to install push-pins. You can read about it here: Installing Glaziers Pins On Glass Cabinet Doors.

That’s really all there is to fixing rattling glass in cabinet doors. Sometimes the size and thickness of the glass cause the rattle sound to occur. There’s really not much that can be done unless you want to take the doors to a glass repair company and have them fix the problem by installing a thicker panel.

This Video Demonstrates a Noise Free Method

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