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If you go to Home Depot to buy cabinet doors you are a retail customer. You can purchase from a local cabinet shop and get close to wholesale pricing. How do I know this? Because, I have supplied many walk-in customers with doors at my cost-plus a small mark-up.

The best way to get a local cabinet company to work with you though is by having the door sizes neatly typed out and a door style in mind. Your height dimensions should be the second number in the description. Please understand though that you will do better with the price of the kitchen doors by choosing a style that the cabinet company normally supplies. The reason for this is it reduces the labor fee that is tacked onto the cost of the doors.

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One thing you want to avoid is having your doors custom made if you are trying to save money by getting wholesale prices on cupboard doors. There’s no way that a small door manufacturer in your area can compete with the gigantic suppliers that are manufacturing kitchen cabinet doors all day long in massive amounts.

The other thing to avoid is making things complicated for the middle man. Keeping the entire process as simple as possible could save you a lot of money.

Obviously, you must be palnning on installing the kitchen cabinet doors on your own.

Here’s how it works. All legitimate cabinet companies can order doors from huge manufactures that have great prices. If you make the ordering process as painless as possible for the company you are ordering from, in my experience, you can get them much cheaper than if you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s.

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You will also have some bargaining strength by finding a local cabinetry business. I would start with the real small companies in your area.. By searching your community, you will find one or two man operations that sell, fabricate, and install kitchen cabinets. This is where I would suggest starting your search. Smaller companies have less overhead and oftentimes are hungry for a few dollars. The larger businesses have such high overhead that they won’t give you the “time of day.”

The beauty of this idea is that you will have some leverage for getting a good price. Home Depot and Lowe’s will not drop their prices because their sales system will not allow adjustments in pricing. What you see is what you get for this cost.

Most small cabinet businesses are trying to build a reputation. If they have a little business sense, they should see your proposition as a way to get referrals and possibly future business out of you. I actually did several things for free for people when I was first starting in the wholesale/retail cabinet business.

There are some really good wholesale cabinet door manufactures like Conestoga and Doormark (Thermofoil Cabinet Doors). Not only do they make high quality products, but they have great prices as well. These two giants in the industry deliver their orders within weeks if not days depending on the size of your submission.

Make an accurate list of what you need, choose a design and keep the ordering process as simple as possible and you as a retail customer can get darn near wholesale pricing on your cupboard doors.

Give it a try, what do you have to lose?

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