Slow Close Mechanism For Cabinet Doors Makes Them Close Soft

Slow Close Cabinet Door Hinges

There are several types of soft close hardware attachments on the market for kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors. The mechanisms are easy to install. Some styles do not even require being screwed to the inside of the cupboard. They are designed to stop the door from slamming. They will close soft for the last few seconds of the close operation.

The Blum manufacture makes clip-on adapters that work with one of their European hinge models. Once you get the hang of how the installation process works it takes about two seconds to clip it on.

There is a screw-on style that will work on any type of kitchen cupboard including face-frame styles. The better developed models will require that two screws be installed to hold it secure. There are also brands that only require one screw for fastening it to the cabinet’s top or bottom.

The two benefits to having soft close cupboard doors are the noise reduction and safety for little children.

Where to Buy Slow Close Cabinet Door Mechanisms

  • Any local cabinet supply company
  • Rockler Supply
  • Amazon

The installation of the slow close door bumpers, for most models, only requires screwing screws into the frame of the cupboard to hold them in place. I would guess that an average size kitchen of about thirty doors would take a couple of hours to install the soft door bumpers. This is something that you can do yourself (DIY).

There is also a slow close style that fastens to the cabinet inside of a hole. There are no screws required for this type of soft close door hardware. All you have to do is drill a hole and insert the mechanism into the hole. I like this style slow closer the best because it is less noticeable than other styles. These were developed by the Blum company and can be purchased from a local cabinet supply or Amazon.
Slow Close Cabinet Door Hinges

Slow Close Cabinet Door Hinge Review Video

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