Stained Glass Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinet Door

Any time stained glass art is added to the design of  kitchen cabinet doors there’s a captivating, serene, atmosphere that is uniquely blended into the home. As you continue reading you will see beautiful images of glass art creations and a Youtube video demonstrating how small pieces are fit into patterns.

Cabinet Glass is a company that manufactures and ships custom panels made to your specifications.

You will find on their website everything that you need to know about measuring your existing doors. They have provided detailed diagrams with visually accurate and easy to understand guidelines for providing them with the correct measurements. With their system there is no need to ship the doors to them. Even if you have an arched or cathedral arched style, you still do not need to ship the materials to them.

Install Lights on The Inside of the Cupboards
Glass door cabinets look good when low voltage Halogen puck lights are installed on the interior of the cupboards and glass shelves are integrated into the design.

How you install the lighting in the ceiling and the direction of the sunlight shining through the windows can enhance the colorful design of the  glass panels.

Horses Stained Glass Kitchen Doors

Options to Consider When Designing

  • Colors
  • Design
  • Pattern
  • Lead Type
  • Glass Bevels
  • Textures
  • Custom Art Requests

Some of the more common lead types used for making stained glass kitchen cabinet doors are zink, brass, pewter, silver and antique or bright brass. There’s a dark lead that is refereed to as Pantina as well.

When because you have so many elements to design with, the ideas could literally be endless.

Can existing cabinet doors be altered to accept stained glass?
Yes, in many instances this is possible. The best thing to do is contact a local cabinet company and have them assess your situation. If you have flat Formica doors, these will be the easiest to get altered. It may not be possible to make existing Thermofoil raised panel styles to work with glass inserts. If you have real hardwood kitchen cabinet doors these should be able to be changed without much difficulty.

Vide0-How Small Pieces if Stained Glass Art are Made

To just sum things up, generally if you can describe what you are looking for someone out there is going to be able to manufacture custom stained glass kitchen cabinet doors to suit your ideas. Lizards, crosses, pigs, cows, volcanoes, horses and flowers are just a few of the possibilities.

I had a customer that I built a stained glass website for who would make sports team logos and emblems out of stained glass. She even specialized in making custom names for people. She has made many a favorite Nascar cars as well, including Jeff Gorden’s. From butterflies to bumble bees custom patterns and designs are just one ideas away from becoming reality.

With all of the different textures, lead types, bevels, patterns and colors of the rainbow which are available, all you need is a few creative ideas and you can have custom made stained glass doors for your kitchen cabinets delivered to your home, business or custom cabinet makers manufacturing plant.

Some artist say that if you can draw it or describe it they can make your stained glass ideas a reality.

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