Slow Close Mechanism For Cabinet Doors Makes Them Close Soft

Slow Close Cabinet Door Hinges

There are several types of soft close hardware attachments on the market for kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors. The mechanisms are easy to install. Some styles do not even require being screwed to the inside of the cupboard. They are designed to stop the door from slamming. They will close soft for the last few seconds of the close operation.
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Pro Tips on How to Replace Cabinet Doors

Before you make up your mind that you want to replace your kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors yourself, be sure to think about your skill level. Plumbers do plumbing, electricians handle electrical things and cabinet professionals are experts at what they do. You will find videos on this page to help educate you on how to change out the doors.

Here are three possible bottle necks you may encounter: read Replace Cabinet Doors

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Ways of Distressing Wood Cabinet Doors

This is a unique video where a cupboard door manufacture and finishing company shows the different ways of distressing real wood cabinet doors. Some of the techniques seem easy enough to do. Yet, after watching a few other videos on Youtube, I realized that making a newer piece of wood look older is a form of artwork that is executed by applying intelligent design ideas.

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Formica Cabinet Door Repair

warped cabinet door repairThe most common Formica cabinet door repair types are peeling laminate, loose edges and chips in the plastic. Depending upon how old your kitchen is the color or pattern on your doors may or may not be available. Even if your plastic is discontinued there are other options for fixing your cupboards without completely installing new kitchen cabinet doors.

What’s the Best Glue for Fixing Loose Formica?

Formica Repair Contact GlueMost plastic is adhered to the board using contact glue adhesive. There are two different kinds, flammable and non-flammable. The liquid is generally applied to both surfaces and allowed to dry for several minutes, then the two pieces get stuck together. Just for the record, stay away from the non-flammable adhesive.
read Formica Cabinet Door Repair

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