Repairing MDF Cabinet Doors

Loose MDF Door EdgesThere could be several reasons for repairing the MDF doors on your kitchen cabinets. Before you do though, it would be a good idea to check out this article on Thermofoil Cabinet Door Warranties. It’s possible that you can have them replaced rather than going through the aggravation of attempting a “do it yourself” repair.
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Drilling for Kitchen Cabinet Door Hardware Locations

Home-Made Drilling Template for Cabient HardwareWhere should the holes be drilled on kitchen cabinet doors for new hardware. When drilling for knobs or handles on cabinet doors what are the correct locations. These are common questions that even professional cupboard manufactures have to ask themselves at times.

In the following paragraphs, I will attempt to enlighten your understanding of how to make an informed decision about where to place the hardware on your doors.

We will be discussing vertical installation of the cabinet handles not a horizontal application. I also will give a rational way of determining where the knobs should be placed.
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Changing Cabinet Door Hinges

Changing Cabient Door Hinges

There are many different kinds of hinges that can be installed on your cabinet doors. If you are changing the existing kitchen cupboard hinges, it is really important to replace them with the same sized overlay. This will make the project go smoother and quicker if you do not change this important factor.

What is an overlay hinge?
The term simply refers to how far from the inside edge of the kitchen cabinet that the door overlays when it is fully closed.
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What You Should Know About PVC Cabinet Doors

PVC Cabinet Door Drawer

I’ve fabricated and installed hundreds of kitchen cabinet sets that have had PVC doors. The polyvinyl chloride coating became popular during the 1990s. There are many great benefits that these doors have to offer and some important things you should know about these vinyl-coated kitchen cabinet doors.

Why Were They Developed and What are Their Benefits?

During the time when the PVC designs emerged, the raised panel solid white cabinet doors were all real wood five-piece doors that were painted. The problem with the wood doors at that time were that they had a tendency to dis color and crack at the seams.
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